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How Chewing Gum Can Completely change Your Looks

Introduction: Do you know what's the purpose of a chewing gum? Is it just to chew something to pass time? Or maybe get rid of bad breath? Well, if you think that's it. This article is going to blow your mind because you will be absolutely amazed, so keep reading. Factors affecting facial attractiveness: Our facial attractiveness is decided by factors such as how developed our facial bones are, and our body fat percentage. We have already discussed about facial fat, and how it affects your face in one of our previous articles:   Read RIGHT NOW!  But what if you have a low body fat percentage, but you still look not so astonishing. Maxilla and Mandible: Let's talk about facial bones, the upper part of the jaw is known as maxilla which forms the upper part of your bone, the right and left halves of the bones meet below the area of your nose at the intermaxillary suture. And the lower part of the jaw is called the mandible which forms the lower jaw which is related with our chi

How Facial Fat Destroys Your Looks (Important)

  Introduction: Want to Improve your facial looks by 10 times with just a single step? What do you think that step is? Is it some rocket science? Well, no. It's a simple step "LOSE FAT". But haven't you already tried that, it doesn't work, right? Wrong! In this article, we are going to go over all you need to know about how this works. So, let's just get right into it. Importance of a defined face: If you have an attractive face, you are already in the top 10% of males who have the ability to attract anyone. But how do we get an attractive face? Well, there are a lot of ways you can do that, but the most prominent and the most important method we are going to discuss is losing body fat or lowering your body fat percentage which might be one of the most efficient out of them all. Take a look at these pictures: Do you notice anything different between the before and after pictures? It's just pictures of people after losing a few pounds of fat, do you see how

Signs you are good looking

  Thik hai, toh kaunse features striking hai? Striking matlab hai ki chamakdaar. Woh khoobsurat hai aur saath hi bahut hi anokhe hai. Itne khoobsurat aur anokhe hai ki aapko dekhne par bahut hi prasannata aur utsukta hoti hai. Dusre shabdon mein, unmein kuchh aisa hai jo anokha hai lekin bade hi akarshak bhi hai. Main ek list bana raha hoon, taki aapko striking features ke baare mein ek idea ho: Mera khayal hai ki lamba aur kashtadayi submental cervicomental ke saath bahut hi anokha aur striking hota hai. Unke paas ek ooncha hyoid bone bhi hota hai. elongated, downwards-pointing Medial Canthus A sharp straight and symmetrical nose wide palate Brow ridges that don't stick out like road bumps. V shaped jawline long, straight shaped eyebrows. holllow cheeks High pfl : pfw ratio, no upper eyelid exposure and pct all together like this straight face side from the front which give the square Shape matching lips width with ipd freckle and wide chin Angelina jolie is the perfect example br

Get model like skin easily

  I. Skincare Skincare routine Facial cleanser Din mein aur raat ko apne chehre par ek cleanser ragad kar lagayein taaki aapke chehre ke pores ko saaf kiya jaa sake, kyunki din bhar mein jo gandagi chehre par chipak jaati hai usko hatane ke liye. Yaad rahe ki alcohol wale products ka istemal na karein kyunki ye skin ko sukha dete hain. Moisturizer Chehre ko saaf karne ke baad, use ek moisturising lotion lagayein taaki poora din chehra hydrated rahe. Main aapko CeraVe aur Neutrogena ke products ka istemaal karne ki salah dunga. SPF cream Apne ghar se bahar jaane se pehle hamesha sun protection cream ka istemaal karein, khaaskar agar aap gora hai (lekin agar aap ka rang kaala hai toh bhi lazy na banein, kyunki sabse kaale logon ke paas bhi sirf natural SPF 15 hota hai). Iska factor kam se kam 30 hona chahiye (aap apne keemti chehre par aur zyada mahanga, high factor wala cream istemaal kar sakte hain aur apne sharir ke dusre hisson par sasta low factor wala cream istemaal kar ke paise ba