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Internet Is Destroying your life and How To Fix It


"I am going to do this today, I am going to do that today. I will achieve my goals today bla bla bla" And you end up doing absolutely nothing. You stress about "Why am I not doing anything?" And then you stress about "I need to do something" and the cycle keeps repeating itself. This is a problem that a lot of young men are facing and it seems like a really serious issue in this modern generation. How is it possible that someone gets everything done while on the other hand, you keep on thinking, imagining, and stressing? Want to fix this issue? Well, let's get started.

Now, this article may seem a little harsh but if you want to fix this procrastination, you have to endure it because great things do not come easily. The reason why most of us people aren't ever going to succeed in our journey towards looking better, becoming more social, and becoming healthier is because we as a generation of men should be excited, striving to win but what we do is that we decide to do the opposite and stay comfortable inside our shelter.

Issue with this generation:

Have you noticed something? Well if you haven't, go for a walk outdoors and what you will notice is that there are rarely any kids, young boys playing outdoor games, physical activity, silly but playful competition. And if you ask someone who's a bit older, they will often have lots and lots of stories to tell about their childhood, and how they enjoyed outdoor games and sports. They used to be a big fan of outdoor sports and physical activity.

But if we take a look at the current situation, it almost seems like a ghost town, older people are busy in using Facebook while the younger generation are busy scrolling mindlessly on Instagram, looking for cheap dopamine hits. It has became so common to stay inside our home for the whole entire day, with no sunlight exposure. 

The major problem:

We prefer to be as comfortable as possible, just stay in bed, eat whatever we like, and scroll through our phone. But the issue is we are not happy doing this. I mean why are there studies showing that majority of us are depressed if we are happy with this lifestyle. In fact, the people in this generation blame social media organizations, mobile phones, computers, etc for this but it's not true, technology is a double edged sword, you can either control it or let it control you.

What if I told you that if you limit your social media, webseries shows, games' usage, you would be able to solve more than ninety percent of your problems? But the issue is we choose to binge watch TV shows, scroll for more than 2-3 hours a day, watch junk videos on YouTube.


Basically if we become more aware, and more mindful, we would be able to achieve all our goals. The main reason why most of us are lonely, depressed is social media, being locked in a room, being busy in mobile and computer screens. What basically happens is that when a a teenager who is being fooled, and is consuming loads and loads of dopamine everyday, is that time moves extremely fast. Example: When you are doing a low-dopamine producing activity, you feel like it's taking too long like when you are studying. On the other hand, when you do high-dopamine producing activity, you don't even realize how much time you have spent like when you are scrolling through your phone. And what happens when that teenager we talked about turns into an adult? His life is miserable, he's fat, unhealthy, lazy, depressed etc. But then he realizes it's too late. 

Boredom and solution:

Many people consider this an addiction but this is not an addiction, it doesn't have any withdrawal symptoms. When you quit an addiction like smoking, you face a lot of side effects but when you quit social media, the only effect you see is boredom. All that will happen is that time passes by slowly and you get bored.

And the solution is that you make this boredom entertaining, not by using social media, watching TV shows but by doing productive things, by improving yourself. For example: If you used to spend 1 hour on your phone, you can replace it with a walk, or a workout, or a study session, or by working on your business, or by learning a new skill, journaling etc. If you just stop using social media and keep wasting time, your life won't get any better.


And I am 99% sure that the solution to your problem is to limit your social media access, limit your time spent with technology, limit your time spent indoors. If you become aware of your actions, and if you start to realize how this thing is controlling you is the moment that thing will stop controlling you. If you want to limit your screen time, just observe how you are being controlled to spend time using phone, just observe how is it happening, how are you getting distracted etc. And trust me, your addiction will be gone, just try this thing.

I am not telling you to go to the extreme end because social media is the future, but you should have awareness. You should whether you are using your phone for necessity or whether you are using it to cure your boredom.

It is better to face boredom instead of giving yourself instant gratification.

At last, I just want to say "Be Aware".

Well this marks the end of this article, hope you learned something valuable and you will implement it in your life. Feel free to leave a comment and check out other informative articles too.

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